What is Architectural Salad?

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Architectural Salad ® contains thousands of slide images suited for study or lecture. Architectural Salad the program with a light-hearted name, distills the celebration of man’s built environment into a manageable Power Point presentation. Suddenly thousands of years of images are available as a valuable, organized, chronological teaching tool. Each slide is a worthy companion to multi-media courses teaching architectural history, interior design history, general history, art history, social studies and a myriad of other scholastic uses.

Subjects Covered

Architectural Salad ® is divided into two master parts, the Prehistoric World to the birth of the Industrialized World; the Industrial Revolution into the 21st century. The third specialized section highlights the history of furnishings and the decorative arts. Within each master part, subsections describe and compare the evolution of man’s mark upon the earth. Single slides may contain plans, line drawings, aerials, or multiple illustrations and all carry an identifying information block, as shown above. The presentation illustrations are a small part of a forty-year in the making private teaching collection, each photo having been successfully presented in humanities courses. At last, they are digitally cleaned and re-formatted into a unique, iconic approach aiding the student to grasp and retain new information.

You also get...

Five Workbook catalogs and companion quiz slides complete the study program for professor and student alike. These all-inclusive catalogs will become available as Architectural Salad makes next season's debut. Most photographic sources, bibliographical, and additional study materials are listed in Slide Catalog 5. For further information drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Additional Information

On the Ides of March 2005 we began to organize and load the site with the first of nearly 100,000 images. We think they are amazing. Once complete, our commitment is for approximately 800 new slides or 2000 images, anticipated to add annually, as history and historical buildings continue to be created, as archaeologists re-create the past, destroyed cities, like Warsaw or stolen treasures as St. Petersburg's Amber Room, are painstakingly recreated and historic structures are conserved. We continue into the spring of 2014 to reorganize, adding more sections and nearly 5,000 images for clarity. All images are protected by your computer's unique identification number, your registration and by credit card subscription membership through PayPal. Membership is recurring each month and may be cancelled with PayPal at any time. The images are to be used as educational tools and your registration, e-mail and PayPal account will assist us to track all visitors. Our multi-image slides are printable but harvesting individual images is not permitted. Questions or difficulties, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once inside you are welcome to enjoy history unfold.
Take nothing away but new knowledge, excitement, and wonder.

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Become a Member

Membership will provide you with electronic access to our works, PDF downloads on diverse topics ranging from three-point perspective to Andrea Palladio. Travel audio Podcasts will soon be available for unique sites, first in Italy and then expanding across the globe.

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